We’re a company that believes in having a mission, defining our vision and using core values to guide us through each and every customer interaction.  These are our mission, vision and values:


Together we provide the thoughtful design and safe, dependable installation of distributed solar energy systems, including solar PV, solar thermal, and energy storage systems.  We provide expertise and effective ongoing system support, focused on maximizing the value of the solar energy assets of our customers and clients.


To be the premier Distributed Solar Energy design/build/support entity in the Mid-Atlantic region.  To proactively maximize the benefits of solar energy for our customers and clients.  To be a tireless proponent of the greatest energy resource, while maintaining a perpetual commitment to reducing solar energy life cycle costs.

Values Statement:

Our company values honesty and integrity above all. We respect and seek out diverse backgrounds and perspectives.  We honor mutual trust and long-term commitments to family, customers, and the company.  We promote a respectful and safe work environment.  We value learning, knowledge-sharing, personal development and the social contributions of our work.  We empower our employees to make informed business decisions and we provide advancement opportunities to team members based upon merit.  In the conduct of our business, we value safety, planning, measurement, teamwork, communication, accountability, results and profitability.  We strive to continuously improve through customer feedback, experience, training, and process measurement.