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DC Apartment Building to Install Solar

WASHINGTON, DC:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. has engaged by Skyline Innovations, Inc., a third- party solar project developer, to install a solar water heating system at Porter Street Apartments to add an additional 360 gallons of hot water to the building’s current capacity.

The eight 4′ x 8′ flat plate thermal panels will transfer heat to three 120 gallon Vaughn Solar Sepco tanks plumbed in parallel to feed solar heated water to the building’s existing gas water heater.

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Maryland Department of Agriculture Installs Solar

ANNAPOLIS, MD:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. has been contracted by Johnson Controls, Inc. to incorporate solar water heating into their office headquarters on Harry S. Truman Parkway in Annapolis, MD.

The system will displace electricity used for heating water for laboratories.  SES is to install 7 roof- mounted 4’x10′ AET-40 Solar Collectors and a single 120-gallon Vaughn solar tank for further distribution to the existing hot water loop.