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Be Solar Savvy

Maryland Solar Company,Solar servicesThe most abundant source of raw energy is neither coal nor gas. It is not wood, wind, or even water. Look up and you will see a power generator without an equal – the sun! Scientists expect the sun to burn out in approximately 5 billion years. That means it should be able to generate kilowatts for homes, schools, and businesses over the next few decades at least!

Solar energy has developed into a variety of applications across the residential and commercial spectrum. Today, it is used to heat water for homes and pools through the solar thermal process. As well, solar power is collected in photovoltaic devices that then directly generate electricity using sunlight and semi-conductors.

Under the circumstances, it seems odd that mankind has not attempted to harness this limitless wellspring of electricity. Perhaps that is because collecting and converting the sun’s rays to usable current has been an intellectual challenge in the past. However, in recent decades, science and technology have collaborated to create a foundation whereby it can truly be possible for solar energy to become the single largest conductivity system on the planet.

Imagine never having to dip into our nonrenewable resources again. Imagine clean energy that leaves no waste byproduct. Imagine a form of power that does not decimate the earth, and does not make vast areas uninhabitable due to the disregard for the environment that often accompanies the collection of power resources such as gas and coal.

Solar Energy Services is here to make this possibility a reality. Our company has been serving the Washington D. C. and Maryland area for the past thirty-five years meeting our residential and business customers’ needs. Our solar design laboratory and separate headquarter offices are both located in Maryland. We are proud to be a vital member of the communities in which we are located. It is our mission to employ those who live in our area.

So, if you or someone you know is considering a solar panel project, please contact us. We are confident of our ability to meet the most diverse, and sophisticated needs.