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Clean Technology

Maryland Solar CompanyMany people have a tendency to think of solar energy as a source of power. But, ultimately, the sun beaming down on the earth is more than that. It is also a heat generator, too. In other words, the sun’s rays are not only convertible to electricity, but also as a resource for inexpensive residential and commercial heating.

Solar thermal technology is this heat resource. It can be tailored to the individual homeowner’s needs by installing a solar thermal device that will collect the sun’s energy to heat your water, pool, and home. Certain systems negate the need for solar-driven electricity in the residence, and provide direct cooling and heating through a series of mirrors, sensors and controllers.

This is an important economical consideration for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Data reveals that as much as 75% of energy consumption in the home is the result of either heating water or space, or cooling space. This translates to nearly three hundred billion dollars in energy consumption annually in the United States alone.

Let’s focus on how this impacts you and your personal finances. Have you looked at your own heating and cooling costs and wondered how you might lower these expenses permanently? There are several suggestions that could make a lasting difference in your energy bills. For example, solar electric power panels are grid-like systems that continue to develop in sophistication while decreasing in size and cost.

Moreover, the installation and utilization of solar powered energy can lessen an individual’s impact on global warming by decreasing the size of the carbon footprint of single residences. Some experts hypothesize the use of a solar water heating system could reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 30%.

Now, that’s clean technology. The experts at Solar Energy Services have been a part of the clean energy movement for decades. We have developed our aptitude from years of training, and hands-on experience. Our expertise extends to both residential and commercial needs, and includes everything from the installation of solar panels, to solar-powered heating for homes, pools and businesses.

Isn’t it time you joined to solar-power movement?