Commercial Solar

Over 40 years…

With over 40 years of direct, on-site solar installation experience, Solar Energy Services is Maryland and Washington D.C.’s leader in solar electric (PV) and solar water heating applications.   From small retail outfits to extensive ground-mounted arrays, our portfolio is extensive and illustrates our commitment to our customers, our employees and the regional solar energy industry.

Solar Electric AND Solar Water Heating

SES is a  full service solar provider, installing both Solar PV (electric) as well as Solar Thermal (water heating).  This enables us to offer the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for all our commercial clients.  For applications that use a relatively small amount of daily hot water, solar electric is often the way to proceed.  For applications that have a substantial daily hot water load, a solar thermal system may be the first consideration – even before solar electric PV.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

With the region’s longest-running solar service department – our clients have access to complete O & M services throughout the life cycles of their system.