SES was engaged by New Columbia Solar to support the design and undertake the construction of a 97 kW rooftop solar system on this high end apartment building in NW Washington DC. Since SES had built a 64 panel solar water heating system for the property owner approximately 5 years prior, NCS and the property owner felt confident about using a contractor with whom they had positive experience in the past. While the building was occupied, SES installed this 285 panel system using Solar Dock racking. Solar Dock is designed allow SES to utilize the existing rooftop ballast rock (river rock) for the solar system ballast. This approach reduced the supplemental structural load on the building without the need for roof penetrations or other attachments.

Type of Install: PV

Installation Date: August 2017

Washington, DC
System Size: 96.9 kW
Annual Output: 11628 kW
Environmental Benefits:CO2 Emissions from 974 gallons of
gasoline consumed.