Solar Energy Services was awarded a competitive bid for a design build project for solar for the Anne Arundel County Fire Department.  SES pricing was well below the project budget, allowing the contract administrator to leverage the additional funds for other solar projects. SES worked with the county and the contract administrator to design and build three additional solar systems for heating water at three of the county fire stations. The project was a major success, delivering the AA County fire department improved operating budgets at four separate facilities.

Type of Install: Solar Electric

Installation Date: Sep 1, 2015

Millersville, MD

System Size: 37.24 kW
Annual Output: 47,893 kWh
Equipment: SolarWorld 280 Watt mono US made modules (133); SolarEdge 10.0 kW inverters (3); SolarEdge P300 optimizers (133)
System Manufacturer Warranties:
Panels: 25 year production; 10 year workmanship
Inverters: 12 years
Optimizers: 25 years
Installer Workmanship Warranty: 2 years
Incentive Processing: SES provided the services to process all incentive paperwork, including guidance on contracting for SREC sales.