An SES representative approached the business owner about installing solar on his roof.  The property owner was inclined to investigate this both for altruistic and economic reasons and he was pleased to learn that the economics in DC were remarkably favorable.  SES was engaged to complete the feasibility study and finalize the proposal and agreement.  Because of the age and unique structure of the building, an extensive structural assessment was conducted to insure the viability of using a ballasted (non-penetrating) racking system for the solar array.

The building was undergoing some other renovation to accommodate a new tenant, so SES worked with the project designers and building contractor to insure all roof loads were considered and work completed with minimal interruption to the landlord’s active business on the property.

Installation, commissioning and interconnection went smoothly.  SES currently provides ongoing O&M, monitoring, and objective advice to the property owner on SREC contracting decisions with a third party SREC broker.

Type of Install: Solar Electric
Installation Date: Feb 29, 2016

Washington, DC

System Size: 30.16 kW
Annual Output: 38,039 kWh
Equipment: SolarWorld 260 Watt poly modules (116); SolarEdge 14.4 kW inverters (2); SolarEdge P600 optimizers (58)
System Manufacturer Warranties: Panels: 25 year linear performance; 10 year material & workmanship, Inverters: 12 years, Optimizers: 25 years
Installer Workmanship Warranty: 2 years
Return on Investment: Customer is anticipating a 3 year simple payback and a 25 yr IRR of over 33%
Financing: The solar system was financed by the property owner
Incentive Processing: SES provided full administrative support with SREC contract preparation.