The Chesapeake Bay Foundation approached Solar Energy Services about their interest in a grid-tied solar project that could offset a substantial portion of the electric load for CBF’s Philip W. Merrill Center, located on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in the Bay Ridge section of Annapolis.  SES designed, engineered and constructed a unique 110 kW solar system that offsets more than 30% of the annual load of the CBF headquarters building.

Feasibility Study – Site Analysis

SES worked with CBF management to consider all options including ground mounts, car ports and roof mounts.  After significant evaluation, it was determined that roof mounting was the best solution due to various budget, grant, and environmental constraints.  SES proceeded to model the solution with counter-pitched panels on the two available north-facing rooftops in comparison with two larger, flush-mounted arrays that were not counter-pitched.  Additionally, in response to some shading requirements needed on the large south facing office windows, SES proposed to design a super structure to support three rows of south facing solar panels that would provide much needed seasonal shade to the occupants.

Comprehensive Design, Documentation, Construction and Installation:

The final design that was selected provided for counter pitched panels on both rooftops and two separate shade structures for occupants in both the main building and the annex to the south.  SES designed, engineered and constructed the entire system for CBF.  SES incorporated state of the art inverter and monitoring technology from Solar Edge along with US made panels from Solar World.  The new 110 kW array offsets more than 30% of the facility’s annual consumption.

Type of Install: Solar Electric
Annapolis, MD
System Size: 109.83 kW
Annual Output: 137,500 kWh
Equipment: Solar World 285 Modules (374), Suniva 270 modules (12), Solar Edge Inverters (5) and Optimizers (195).
Environmental Benefits: Energy offset equivalent to 10,670 gallons of gasoline/year
System Manufacturer Warranties:
Panels: 25 year production, 10 year workmanship
Inverters: 12 years
Optimizers: 25 years
Financing: The solar system was financed directly by CBF who preferred ownership control of the system.
Incentive Processing: SES provided the services to process all incentive paperwork, including guidance on contracting for SREC sales.