Solar Energy Services was introduced to the principals at the Hollywood Oyster Company who were considering solar energy.  SES was contracted to design and install a turnkey ground mounted solar PV system to support the Oyster Farming Operation.  SES helped the customer to navigate USDA agricultural grants, state incentives, as well as facilitating the use of Maryland’s Aggregated Net-metering policies. These incentives combined with the federal investment tax credit created an economic return that made the project an easy decision for the firm.

The grid-tied, ground mounted, 72 kW solar photovoltaic system was interconnected to the SMECO utility electric grid.

Type of Install: Solar Electric (PV)
Installation Date: Dec 17, 2013

Hollywood, MD

System Size: 72 kW
Annual Output: 93,600 kWH
Equipment: (240) ET Solar 300 watt solar panels; (7) Fronius IG+ 10.0 inverters
System Manufacturer Warranties: Panels: 25 years, Inverter: 10 year
Return on Investment: Simple payback of under 4 years
Financing: Customer Financed
Incentive Processing: SES provided support for utility interconnection and services to process all incentive applications, including the MEA commercial grant and contracting for SREC sales.

As part of the system design, SES anticipated the potential requirement for a transformer upgrade to accommodate the aggregate virtual netmetering between one of the farms meters and another.  SES worked with the customer and the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) to initiate the process for the transformer upgrade work.

Once this process was underway and preliminary permission was given for interconnection, SES commenced construction of the solar array.