As a former environmental lawyer turned business owner, Jared Littman is always looking for ways to promote environmentally responsible options for his community and his customers. When approached about converting idle roof space at K&B True Value Hardware  into a value stream for his business and his environment, Jared was all ears, but it had to make business sense. With a flat roof on a sturdy block building, and no shading to the south, Jared quickly learned that the K&B roof was ideal.

Feasibility Study – Site Analysis

K & B True Value is an Annapolis-based neighborhood hardware store that has been serving the local community since 1974.  Owner Jared Littman, an environmental lawyer and engineer, wished to reduce the store’s utility costs, as well as the carbon footprint.  The site had very little hot water demand – but a large utility demand primarily due to heating, cooling and lighting.

Solar Energy Services designed, permitted, and installed a ballast mounted solar electric system on the roof of K&B True Value. The 17.28 kW system consists of 72 panels rated at 240 DC Watts each. The panels are mounted on a unique ballasted system that allows for ZERO ROOF PENETRATIONS on K&B’s rubber (EPDM) roof.

There was no interruption of daily business operations throughout the installation.

Type of Install: Solar Electric (PV)
Installation Date: Feb 1, 2012

Annapolis, Maryland

System Size: 17.28 kW
Annual Output: 21,500 kWh
Equipment: (72) 240w Astro Energy solar panels; (2) Fronius IG+ Inverters
System Manufacturer Warranties:
Panels: 12 years
Inverters: 10 years
Installer Workmanship Warranty: 10 years
Return on Investment: K&B is anticipating a payback of less than 5 years as well as a continued 13-14% savings on their energy bill – approximately $3000/year at today’s prices.
Financing: Self-financed
Incentive Processing: Federal 1603 Grant in lieu of Federal Tax Credit | State grant from Maryland Energy Administration | Sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) | 50% Bonus Depreciation in year 1 | MACRS 5 Year Accelerated Depreciation