Solar Developer Amidus came to SES because they needed a firm that could build a commercial scale solar water heating system and a solar PV system for a multifamily property client in Columbia Heights.  SES assessed the property and determined that the property could accommodate a 96 panel (3840 square feet of collector area) ballast mounted solar water heating system on the 10 story high rise.  The final design included a 3000 gallon atmospheric solar storage tank in the basement mechanical room.  The system serves to preheat the domestic hot water needs for the building, generating substantial natural gas savings and generating SRECs at a rate close to three times that of solar PV of the same footprint.  In addition to the solar water heating system, SES designed and installed a 23.4 kW ballasted solar PV system to offset common area electricity usage.  The 68 panel system was installed without the need for any roof penetrations.  The project was completed during full occupancy of the property with very little impact on the tenants.

Type of Install: PV (Photovoltaic)

Installation Date: August 2017

Installation Location: Washington, D.C.

System Size: 23.46 kW

Annual Output: 30.72 MWh

Environmental Benefits: Greenhouse gas emissions from 56,035 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.