Saint Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Annapolis constructed a new Formation Building in 2015.  They had always hoped to include solar on the LEED certified building, but budgets did not allow for it at the time of construction.  However, in anticipation of a future installation, they engaged SES to assess the solar capacity of the building and planned for accommodating this in the future if funds could be raised.

In early 2016, an anonymous donor family came up with the resources and SES promptly finalized some design options for consideration.  The leadership evaluated the options and selected the best one in light of their objectives.

SES commenced the project in the late Spring of 2016 and completed in June 2016.

Type of Install: Solar Electric (PV)
Installation Date: Jun 30, 2016

Annapolis, Maryland

System Size: 29.40 kW
Annual Output: 37,260 kWh
Equipment: (98) LG 300 W mono panels, (49) Solar Edge P700 Optimizers, (2) Solar Edge 14.4 kW 3Phase Inverters
Environmental Benefits: 25.7 Metric tons of CO2 equivalent/year