Solar Energy Services worked in coordination with the green roof landscaper to install a 134kW solar system fully on this storage facility in NE DC.   The system consists of solar modules with racking that fully integrates with the roof’s 17,500 sq ft green roof.  The green roof utilizes a fully ballasted racking system designed to employ the weight of the green roof media’s PSF ballast to hold down the solar system without roof penetrations.   SES and the green roofer of record worked in tandem to ensure the solar array would not impede the ability of the plants to thrive and provide the DOEE-required water retention for stormwater management.

Ownership of the solar and green roof asset chose C-PACE to finance the project.

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Type of Install: PV

Installation Date:
January 2019

System Size:

Annual Output:
170 MWh annually

Environmental Benefits: 
Lifetime environmental benefits from the solar generation of this project is equal to the carbon offset of 3788 acres of forest in one year.