Solar Energy Services was contracted by Mission Energy to design, install and commission a ground-mounted 127.68kW solar power system on the grounds of Whitefriars catholic college in Northeast D.C.    The system consists of 336 solar modules installed on a ground-mounted racking system on the rear of the property.

The project was constructed without interruption to the Carmelites’ daily operations.  As this catholic entity is a non-profit, the prior decided to choose a Power Purchase Agreement ensuring a 3rd party was responsible for the full project cost and ongoing maintenance.   The kWhr cost of the solar generation is substantially lower than the Utility’s kWhr cost, freeing up funds for Whitefriars to channel towards their mission.



Type of Install: PV


Installation Date: July 2019 Washington, DC


System Size: 127.68Kw


Annual utility offset: 100%


Environmental Benefits: Equal to planting 3545 acres of US forest in one year

“Mission Energy has worked with SES for the past two years to design and install solar systems for our faith-based and non-profit clients looking to offset their utility bills. Whether roof-mount, ground-mount or carports – I highly recommend this installer to anyone in the DC/MD/VA region who is looking for cost-competitive commercial solar installations that do not cut corners on timeliness, quality and workmanship.”

Page Gravely  |  President  |  Mission Energy