With a large portfolio of solar-powered, commercial clients, Solar Energy Services has a proven track record in providing customized, turnkey solar solutions to a wide variety of businesses, nonprofits, and government clients in the Mid-Atlantic area.  From initial site survey through O & M, SES maintains 100% control over each project – Insuring the most cost-effective energy-efficient and trouble-free system for each client.

Commercial-scale solar electric (PV) systems are usually grid-tied systems insuring that the Grid (i.e. BGE, PEPCO) remain in place to supply any electric demand not met by the solar portion.  Typically these systems achieve a solar fraction of anywhere between 20% – 100%, meaning the installed solar system would provide anywhere between 20 – 100% of the site’s electrical needs.  System size usually depends on a number of factors including available southerly, shade-free roof area, budget and load requirements.  The grid (i.e. PEPCO, BGE etc.) remains in place as a back-up.   SES can size the system appropriately to maximize the economic benefit to the building owner. The important thing to remember is that whether a system is big or small, every unit of renewable energy captured from the Sun, is one unit of traditional energy that will not be purchased and will not be consumed.

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Case Studies

The Brookings Institution

St. Margaret's Church - Formation Building

Salernos Restaurant and Catering, Elkridge MD

K&B True Value Hardware Store – Solar PV

Obligation Farm

Barston's Child's Play

solar energy, commercial/residential

Anne Arundel County Fire Department Headquarters

University of Maryland's Cole Field House

Solar Carwash - College Park, MD

Commercial Solar Service,Residential Solar Panels

Frederick County Detention Center

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

solar energy, Solar Service ,Home Solar Panels,

Hollywood Oyster Farm, Maryland

Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant

Essex House Solar Water Heating System

Annapolis Housing Authority