Commercial Solar Water Heating

When it comes to commercial solar water heating,  Solar Energy Services’ extensive portfolio illustrates a proven track record in providing customized, turnkey solar solutions to a wide variety of businesses, nonprofits, and government clients in the Mid-Atlantic area.  From initial site survey through O & M, SES maintains 100% control over each project – ensuring the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and trouble-free system for each client, with minimal or zero interruption of daily operations.

Commercial-scale solar water heating systems are designed to pre-heat the facility’s water prior to entering the traditional water heating system.  Typically these systems achieve a solar fraction of 70% or less, meaning the Sun would provide approximately 70% of the annual water heating energy. On a sunny day in summer, that could be all of the water heating. The backup system provides the rest. Smaller systems are often installed if there is a limited budget or limited solar exposure. SES can size the system appropriately to maximize the economic benefit to the building owner. The important thing to remember is that whether a system is big or small, every unit of renewable energy captured from the Sun, is one unit of traditional energy that will not be purchased and will not be consumed.

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Solar Water Heating


Solar Water Heating

CBF Port Isobel - Space Heating System

Solar Water Heating

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