Residential Solar Panels

Solar Electric Power

These grid-tied systems use the sun’s energy to power all the electrical devices in your home. Most of our customers offset between 30% and 100% of their utility bill with solar energy.

Solar Water Heating (Thermal)

These systems are entirely separate from solar electric panels.  For a family of four or more who heat their water with propane, electric (even solar electric!), or oil – these systems are the MOST cost-effective way to heat water.  They can also be used to heat indoor pools and hot tubs.

Outdoor Solar Pool Heating Systems

Compared to heating a pool with gas or electric, these super-simple solar systems are by far the most cost-effective solution for outdoor pool heating.  With a temperature increase of around 10 degrees, these systems greatly extend the swim season for our happy customers


Solar Water Heating
for Homeowners

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Solar Pool