Maryland Residential Solar

“I did a fair amount of web research and then did 3 phone interviews of potential installers. Solar Energy Services was timely, professional and flexible in their proposal (some installers wanted to do things ONLY their way or didn’t call back for days), and the actual installation was completely uneventful, looks great and the paperwork and coordination with the utility was all handled by them with no involvement from me…..and the system is working just fine. Their price was very competitive. In short, absolutely no hesitation in using them again.”   —  —  Anonymous Review posted to Solar 4/11/16

Solar for YOU

Thanks to excellent financial incentives, and lowered solar panel costs – it is more cost-effective than ever to own  your energy.  As the region’s longest running solar energy contractor, Solar Energy Services offers a wide array of options to suit every home and budget.

Residential Solar Advantages

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How Solar Works

  1. Sunshine hits the solar panels and this DC energy flows from the panels to your system’s Inverter
  2. The inverter converts this Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) making it compatible with your home’s electrical infrastructure.
  3. Most of our systems are Net-Metered meaning that any excess energy feeds the grid and you receive full retail credit for this energy from your Utility.  Conversely, should your electrical needs exceed your solar system’s capacity, the Grid will always be there as a supplement and a back-up

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