Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heating Systems (or Solar Thermal Systems) require a 3 – 5 yr service cycle.  During this visit we change the glycol (heat transfer fluid between tank and collectors) as well as check system pressure, insulation, valves, controller stats and overall health of the system to ensure maximum efficiency.  We are still servicing systems that our leadership personally installed 30 yrs ago – a testament to the lifespan of this mature technology.

Solar Electric (PV)

Although residential solar electric (PV) systems do not require routine maintenance, our team is always on hand to answer questions, deal with the occasional warranty issue and keep an eye on all our systems.  While some organizations are promoting a service for cleaning panels, this is typically unnecessary in the Mid Atlantic due to our adequate, periodic rainfall.  In some cases, panels that are mounted horizontally can require a periodic cleaning.

Solar Pool Heaters

Although residential solar pool heating systems typically do not require routine maintenance, there are some situations that arise from time to time that might require a service call.  Such things as leaks in tubes, loose strapping, a need to re-plumb your PVC pipes on supply & return to the system, a full removal and replacement of the system, addressing malfunctioning sensor faults and diverter valves, and even repairing critter damage are all examples of service needs for solar pool heating systems.  If you experience any of these, call Solar Energy Services today and we’ll work with you to get it fixed in a timely fashion.

Orphaned Systems

As well as keeping our own customers’ systems in tip-top shape, we also adopt non-SES-installed systems, orphaned by the many solar companies that have come and gone over the years.  Contact us today to discuss your system.

Commercial O & M

Due to their size and complexity, commercial scale solar systems typically warrant a structured, routine service plan with some level of performance monitoring.  SES provides standard and custom solar O&M agreements for commercial system owners.  These included remote and on site monitoring, detailed checklists, measurement and verification, data collection, thermal imaging, and other standard preventative maintenance tasks.  Contact us today to set up a standard solar O&M agreement or a custom arrangement to meet your specific needs.

“Our first solar hot water system was installed in 1987 and SES just replaced it now…. It has paid for itself many times over.”  — Lynne Sarich, Annapolis MD