For both residential and commercial applications, solar systems in Washington DC pay for themselves in a short amount of time and then generate income for many years to come. This is due to DC’s financial incentives that are among the best renewable energy incentives in the U.S. As well as the 30% Federal Tax Credit, the District has a robust Renewable Energy Portfolio that insures when a solar system in DC generates 1 Megawatt (1,000kWh) of energy this creates 1 SREC; a tradable environmental credit then sold on the SREC market. Washington DC currently has the highest SREC values in the country at $500/SREC. Due mostly to the fact Washington DC does not have the real estate for large solar farms that generate large amounts of SREC and decrease the demand – and therefore the value – of SRECs. For more details on this subject of selling  SRECs in DC, click HERE



Washington D.C.
Commercial Solar Incentives