About Steven Bosak

Commercial Solar Development Contractor-Wash, DC

Steve spent the early years of his career in environmental policy and advocacy, working in government affairs for national non-profit groups. In 2010, Steve started seeking ways to promote sustainability with businesses. A change meeting led him to Noble Conservation Solutions where he helped DC-area businesses analyze their energy use and design energy-efficient measures.  When some of his energy-efficiency clients expressed an interest in solar, Steve sought a reliable and experienced partner to develop solar installations.  His search brought him to Solar Energy Services where he’s developed projects with DC commercial property owners. Steve is now our commercial solar development contractor in the District of Columbia. He enjoys turning large empty roofs into clean-energy profit machines.

Steve also loves helping companies innovate in products and services, especially in the sustainability arena. He is part of Design Thinkers Group, USA, an international network of consultants who facilitate creative problem-solving workshops for private, public, and non-profit sector organizations.