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What the Experts Say about Solar Energy

Solar Service, Home Solar Panels ,Washington DC ,SolarAt some point we all devote our working lives to a cause, or the development of a skill-set that will be used to make a living. This is true for people who avidly study and report on all aspects of solar energy. Their opinions are important to the future of solar energy in this country, and the world, and will impact each of us. In light of this, let us consider the perspectives of solar power authorities.

During a presentation to the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference a decade ago, the chairman of this organization spoke to the audience, declaring that solar energy has the ability to meet all the world’s energy demands. After all, the sun shines everywhere on this earth for part of the day, on land and water, and is both a safe, almost limitless, and clean energy source.

However, at that time, solar power had only provided a negligible contribution to the world’s energy supply.

Now, a full ten years later, resources have been marshaled, perspectives honed, and one report was recently released that projected the outlook for energy into the year 2040. First, qualified professionals predict the global energy demands will continue to rise on par with the increasing prosperity and improved living standards expected to be accessible to larger numbers of people in the world.

According to multiple sources, the global population itself will grow, perhaps exponentially, and as a result, there will be a growing need to accommodate this. Renewables now account for two-thirds of the new power that is being added annually to the world’s power grid, and solar energy is the fastest growing source of this!

In other words, solar capacity has significantly outpaced all other forms of energy development, particularly nonrenewable resources, but other renewable outlets (such as wind and water) as well. There are a variety of reasons for this, including changing government policies that are favorable to solar companies, and the decreasing costs associated with the development and manufacturing of solar power related equipment.

Solar Energy Services is proud to be a part of an industry that respects and preserves our natural environment today, and tomorrow. We are experienced in all aspects of the residential and commercial development and installation of solar panels and associated equipment. We look forward to serving you.