Written by Taryn Faulkner

Solar Thermal System for the Housing Authority of Chester County

WEST CHESTER, PA:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. recently finished a solar thermal installation for the Housing Authority of Chester County (HACC).

SES was contracted by Johnson Controls Inc. to design, furnish, and install a solar water heating system that would offset a significant portion of the 90-person public housing facility’s conventional hot water load.

The system includes ten 4′ x 8′ flat plate collectors, mounted to the roof and with a closed=loop plumbing system, attached to three 120-gallon Vaughn Solar Sepco tanks.


Post-Install Pics

Written by Rick Peters

Solar Thermal for Townhouses in Brooklyn Park, MD


BROOKLYN PARK,  MD:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. has been contracted by Furbish Company, Inc. to install eight separate solar water heating systems on a housing development in Brooklyn Park, MD.

Each townhome will be outfitted with its own 80-gallon Vaughn Solar Sepco tank.  These solar water heaters will act as a pre-heat to the home’s conventional system, offsetting their utility bill by around 50%.