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George Washington University to Install Solar Water Heaters

WASHINGTON, DC:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. of Millersville, MD has been contracted by Skyline Innovations, Inc., a Washington, DC third-party solar developer, to install two solar water heating systems at the George Washington University campus in downtown DC.

The systems include a ballasted 30-panel evacuated tube system on the flat rooftop of one dormitory and a similar 60-panel system on the flat rooftop of another dormitory. The 30-panel system design will utilize an existing 2,500 gallon storage tank in the penthouse for solar storage, while the 60-panel system design utilizes an existing 2,500 gallon tank in the basement mechanical room.

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Homeless Shelter in Washington, DC Goes Solar

WASHINGTON, DC: In partnership with Skyline Innovations, a third-party solar developer, Solar Energy Services, Inc. completed installation on a homeless shelter in downtown Washington, DC.

S.O.M.E. (So Others May Eat) is an interfaith community-based organization in the Nation’s Capital. The extensive renovations to their 53-person dwellings at the Chabraja House included a solar system expected to substantially reduce utility costs by offsetting their conventional water heating system.

Ten solar thermal collectors facing south on the building’s rooftop are closed-loop plumbed to 4, 120 gallon solar storage tanks inside the building.

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Solar Water Heating System for Washington, DC Twin Apartment Complex

WASHINGTON, DC:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. recently completed the installation of a dual solar water heating system at a twin apartment complex in downtown Washington, DC.

Each of the two apartment buildings located on S Street were equipped with 20, 4′ x 10′ solar thermal collectors plumbed into a water storage tank.  The labor and material costs of the solar water heating systems have been absorbed by a third-party solar developer, Skyline Innovations, who will assume the role of a utility company for the solar portion of the building’s hot water load.

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Havre De Grace Restaurant Uses Solar Energy For Hot Water

HAVRE DE GRACE, MD:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. just finished installing a solar water heating system at Laurrapin Grille in Havre de Grace, MD.  The system includes two, 80-gallon tanks and four, 4′ x 8′ solar thermal panels on the southerly facing roof.  The system is expected to offset the restaurant’s hot water load by at least 50%.

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College Park Carwash Installs Solar For Water Pre-Heat

COLLEGE PARK, MD:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. partnered with Skyline Innovations of Washington, DC, to install a solar water heating system at the College Park Carwash.

The thermal system utilizes six 30-tube Apricus evacuated tube collectors and two 120 gallon Vaughn Solar Sepco tanks.

More Information and Post-Install Pics

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Solar Thermal System for the Housing Authority of Chester County

WEST CHESTER, PA:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. recently finished a solar thermal installation for the Housing Authority of Chester County (HACC).

SES was contracted by Johnson Controls Inc. to design, furnish, and install a solar water heating system that would offset a significant portion of the 90-person public housing facility’s conventional hot water load.

The system includes ten 4′ x 8′ flat plate collectors, mounted to the roof and with a closed=loop plumbing system, attached to three 120-gallon Vaughn Solar Sepco tanks.


Post-Install Pics

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University of Maryland Solar Electric and Solar Water Heating

COLLEGE PARK, MD:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. completed the installation of a 5 kW solar photovoltaic system at UMD’s Cole Field House at the College Park Campus.

The system consists of 30, 175-watt SolarWorld panels and a Sunnyboy string inverter.

On the same campus, at the Ellicott Dining Hall, SES also completed installation of a solar water heating system that will act as a pre-heat to the dining hall’s existing conventional system.  This system consists of 20, 4′ x 10′ flat plate AET thermal panels on the roof, closed-loop plumbed to three 120-gallon Vaughn Solar Sepco tanks.

See Post-Install Pics of Colefield House PV System

See Post-Install Pics of Ellicott Dining Hall

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Solar Thermal for Townhouses in Brooklyn Park, MD


BROOKLYN PARK,  MD:  Solar Energy Services, Inc. has been contracted by Furbish Company, Inc. to install eight separate solar water heating systems on a housing development in Brooklyn Park, MD.

Each townhome will be outfitted with its own 80-gallon Vaughn Solar Sepco tank.  These solar water heaters will act as a pre-heat to the home’s conventional system, offsetting their utility bill by around 50%.

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