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Interesting Facts about Solar Energy

Maryland Solar CompanySolar energy as a topic is quite interesting. What follows are some fun facts that should increase your knowledge on the subject.

  1. Solar energy comes directly from the natural energy that is generated by the sun.
  2. It takes the sun’s rays eight minutes to travel through space and reach the earth’s atmosphere.
  3. Solar cells are designed to capture solar radiation and change it into electricity. This electricity is used to power homes and businesses.
  4. Most solar panels face south in the United States. It is the optimal position for capturing solar radiation.
  5. Even when the sun is not shining you can still use solar energy to power homes and businesses. That’s because solar cells are able to store energy for later use.
  6. Solar power is simply the most eco-friendly, inexpensive and safest form of energy on the planet.
  7. Solar energy, in the form of solar panels, solar batteries and solar cells, can be used to run everything from central air conditioning to a houseful of electronics.
  8. According to one expert it is possible to power the entire earth with solar energy, making the planet reliant solely on renewable (and clean) energy. To do this, solar panels would have to be installed on a little less than 200,000 square miles of land. While this may sound like too big a challenge – consider the fact that there are 57 million square miles of land on the entire earth and it is apparent the project is quite doable, with room to spare.
  9. There are numerous health benefits that come with the utilization of solar energy. First and foremost, it does not have pollution as a byproduct. The only time there is any pollution generated is during the manufacturing of the solar panels themselves. This is important to note because the production and use of all other forms of energy cause pollution in several forms – either in emissions into the air, as runoff into our groundwater, and the desecration of natural, nonrenewable resources.
  10. While you can purchase the solar system outright, that is not the only option for accessing this energy resource. There are instances where it is possible to rent or otherwise finance a solar system.

Solar Energy Services is happy to add to the knowledge base of visitors to our blog. We are proud of our reputation of meticulous installation for our residential and commercial customers. If you are in the market for solar services we hope you will give us a call!


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What the Experts Say about Solar Energy

Solar Service, Home Solar Panels ,Washington DC ,SolarAt some point we all devote our working lives to a cause, or the development of a skill-set that will be used to make a living. This is true for people who avidly study and report on all aspects of solar energy. Their opinions are important to the future of solar energy in this country, and the world, and will impact each of us. In light of this, let us consider the perspectives of solar power authorities.

During a presentation to the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference a decade ago, the chairman of this organization spoke to the audience, declaring that solar energy has the ability to meet all the world’s energy demands. After all, the sun shines everywhere on this earth for part of the day, on land and water, and is both a safe, almost limitless, and clean energy source.

However, at that time, solar power had only provided a negligible contribution to the world’s energy supply.

Now, a full ten years later, resources have been marshaled, perspectives honed, and one report was recently released that projected the outlook for energy into the year 2040. First, qualified professionals predict the global energy demands will continue to rise on par with the increasing prosperity and improved living standards expected to be accessible to larger numbers of people in the world.

According to multiple sources, the global population itself will grow, perhaps exponentially, and as a result, there will be a growing need to accommodate this. Renewables now account for two-thirds of the new power that is being added annually to the world’s power grid, and solar energy is the fastest growing source of this!

In other words, solar capacity has significantly outpaced all other forms of energy development, particularly nonrenewable resources, but other renewable outlets (such as wind and water) as well. There are a variety of reasons for this, including changing government policies that are favorable to solar companies, and the decreasing costs associated with the development and manufacturing of solar power related equipment.

Solar Energy Services is proud to be a part of an industry that respects and preserves our natural environment today, and tomorrow. We are experienced in all aspects of the residential and commercial development and installation of solar panels and associated equipment. We look forward to serving you.

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Be Solar Savvy

Maryland Solar Company,Solar servicesThe most abundant source of raw energy is neither coal nor gas. It is not wood, wind, or even water. Look up and you will see a power generator without an equal – the sun! Scientists expect the sun to burn out in approximately 5 billion years. That means it should be able to generate kilowatts for homes, schools, and businesses over the next few decades at least!

Solar energy has developed into a variety of applications across the residential and commercial spectrum. Today, it is used to heat water for homes and pools through the solar thermal process. As well, solar power is collected in photovoltaic devices that then directly generate electricity using sunlight and semi-conductors.

Under the circumstances, it seems odd that mankind has not attempted to harness this limitless wellspring of electricity. Perhaps that is because collecting and converting the sun’s rays to usable current has been an intellectual challenge in the past. However, in recent decades, science and technology have collaborated to create a foundation whereby it can truly be possible for solar energy to become the single largest conductivity system on the planet.

Imagine never having to dip into our nonrenewable resources again. Imagine clean energy that leaves no waste byproduct. Imagine a form of power that does not decimate the earth, and does not make vast areas uninhabitable due to the disregard for the environment that often accompanies the collection of power resources such as gas and coal.

Solar Energy Services is here to make this possibility a reality. Our company has been serving the Washington D. C. and Maryland area for the past thirty-five years meeting our residential and business customers’ needs. Our solar design laboratory and separate headquarter offices are both located in Maryland. We are proud to be a vital member of the communities in which we are located. It is our mission to employ those who live in our area.

So, if you or someone you know is considering a solar panel project, please contact us. We are confident of our ability to meet the most diverse, and sophisticated needs.

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A Primer on Solar Power

Residential Solar Panels, Solar ServiceDid you know that attempts to harness the sun’s power through the development of solar cells dates back to the late 1800’s? I am sure that this, and other information, may be new to our readers. This article will provide you with some basic facts about solar power and solar energy. That way, you can join the conversation, and the renewable energy movement!

The first successful solar cell was developed in the early 1950s. It was made of silicon, and able to power small electronic devices. This was hailed as the beginning of a new era of energy resources, even then being acknowledged as having the potential to offer a limitless supply of electricity.

The first true application of solar cells could be found in the space program at NASA and in Russia. They were the only ones who could afford this technology in the 1960s.

The cost of solar cells continued to decline incrementally, but not so significantly that solar was a common source of energy through the 1970s. But, as the 1980s dawned, and ever since, solar power has insinuated itself into all aspects of life, commercially and residentially.

The first solar panels for buildings were developed in the early 1970s. In truth, this initial foray into the potential for large scale residential solar power was actually a solar array built into a rooftop. Panel development followed, as the cost and manufacturing efficiency increased.

President Jimmy Carter had solar panels placed on the roof of the White House in 1979. Everyone was getting into the act!

Welcome to 2018. Today it is common to find solar-powered cars, solar-powered telecommunications, and even solar-powered aircraft. One car company, renowned for their progressiveness, has incorporated solar panels into the roofs of their vehicles!

But, there’s more! Technology continues to expand the horizons of solar energy, making it affordable and applicable in new ways and new places. For example, it is possible that eventually solar panels on rooftops will be replaced with solar shingles!

Or, consider this, a solar fabric is being finalized that can be attached to houses as a cooling device!

We here at Solar Energy Services are excited about the future applications of this renewable source of energy for personal and commercial uses. You can count on us to utilize our superior knowledge and expertise to your advantage. We look forward to serving you!

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Non-South facing solar panel installs in Maryland, DC and Virginia

The Design

Eastern Shore ,MD,Solar Service, Home Solar PanelsWhen planning a solar panel system for your home, the first consideration for any solar designer is the tilt and orientation of your roof areas.  We need to know which roof(s) will ensure the most optimum solar output – which translates to the best Return on Investment.   For us here in Maryland, the most optimum solar roof orientation is Due South at 180 degrees.  Of course, not everyone has this perfectly oriented roof and our customer base consists of homes that have South, West, East and everything-in-between orientations.  Occasionally we even install on North-facing roofs if the pitch of the roof is low enough that panels are close to flat, or can be tilted southerly.

For homes that face East-West, you may be wondering which roof would best suited for solar.  This is a good question given the fact that the output of your solar panels is directly related to your Return on Investment and how quickly the panels can pay for themselves.

If either East or West favors a more Southerly angle, then that would likely be a more favorable roof.  Assuming that there aren’t issues related to shadingor obstructions caused by chimneys, vents, skylights and other roof-placed items.

If the house has a perfectly split East-West orientation, with all things equal – the next consideration would be roof angle; the lower the tilt (i.e. closer to horizontal) – the more solar energy will be generated over the course of the day.  If the tilt on either side is the same then we would usually favor the West facing side.   Here in Maryland, DC and Virginia we tend to have cloudier mornings, and sunnier afternoons going into dusk.  Therefore we want to capture the late afternoon sun (west facing) more than early morning sun (East facing).  Of course, should you happen to have a tree, chimney or other obstructing factor(s) on the West roof – we’d favor the East.

The Economics

Homeowners looking at an East-West installation often have concerns as to whether or not their system will be profitable enough, compared to its south-facing counterparts.    Disqualifiers for cost-effective solar systems include shading and limited available roof space.  Rarely, however, is a home found unsuitable due to a Non-Southerly facing roof alone.

To illustrate, following is a comparison of a 10kW system’s output respective to East, West and South facing orientations.  Data compiled using the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) weather data patterns for Baltimore, MD –

10kW system installed on a 20 degree pitched roof with zero shade

 SOUTH (180 degrees)WEST (270 degrees)EAST (90 degrees)
ANNUAL OUTPUT13,224kWh11,389kWh11,328 kWh
*Annual $avings$1853 per year$1594 per year$1586

*Savings based on a conservative $3.00/watt installation, and $0.14/watt BGE rate

Data from PV WATTS

As illustrated, although perfectly South would be ideal, the East and West orientations provide a competitive amount of solar and would add only a few months to the payback period.  If you were choosing between East and West (as opposed to installing on both), the difference is nominal.  The choice of which roof may come down to aesthetic preference, distance to utility meter and regional weather patterns.

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Coming Up! Solar Open House in Ellicott City, MD

SOLAR OPEN HOUSE with Kirk Cummings

Residential Solar Panels, Solar Service , InstallerWHEN:  Sat, Sept 17th 2016   |   2pm – 5pm

WHERE:  4919 Windpower Way, Ellicott City  MD  21403

Nothing says Sunshine’s a Wastin! like a freshly installed solar power system.  Join Kirk at this Howard County residence to get up-close-and-personal with an active solar system.  The homeowner will be on hand to answer questions about their decision-making process as well as working with SES.

Kirk will be on hand to tour the system with you and answer all of your questions onsite at the home of the Syed Family where Kirk designed and SES recently installed an 8.55k Solar power system including(30) Suniva 285 watt Solar panels and a Solar Edge Inverter System.

Solar Open House – $250 Discount!

All open house attendees who sign up for a proposal and sign their contract within 30 days will receive a $250 discount on their PV system installation.

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Environment Showcase at the Annapolis Film Festival 2013

Residential Solar, Panels Solar ServiceSave the Date: March 23rd, 9.30am at St. Johns College (Francis Scott Key Auditorium)

In February 2012, a few of us local, environmentally-minded companies got together and welcomed ex-CIA director James Woolsey, among others, to lead a panel discussion after the showing of Energy On Trial. The event was a great success

– just what you’d want from at this type of event – a few hundred local folks showed up, we watched a thought-provoking movie and either participated or bore witness to the controversial banter back and forth between panel members (nuclear vs other renewables).  As folks tumbled out into the lobby of the Auditorium they were met with some yummy treats and a few of us local, sustainable organizations and businesses ready to mobilize their renewed commitment to the environment.

This year, we’ve joined the larger platform of the Annapolis Film Festival and incorporated an Environmental Showcase at St. John Francis Scott Key Auditorium that features Robert Redford’s film “Watershed”, an environmental panel discussion as well as sustainable company/organization presence and refreshments.  Non-for-profits such as Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Annapolis Green will be alongside locally owned businesses such as Solar Energy Services, Inc. and Rain Barrels of Annapolis.

Download the Environment Focus flyer

Purchase tickets and passes here.

The Environment Showcase is part of the larger Annapolis Film Festival, March 21-24, 2013. In partnership with the City of Annapolis and the local Arts and Business Communities, the Annapolis Films festival aspires to bring a major new cultural event to our area.  90 films in four days will be showed at various sites around Annapolis involving guest speakers, filmmakers, parties, and much community involvement.  For more information contact The Annapolis Film Festival

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Governor’s Bill Would Reward Those Who Buy New Energy Systems

O’Malley backs Md.’s solar-power water heating market

The legislation would boost a type of renewable energy generation that hasn’t received the same cachet as photovoltaic solar panels but can be significantly cheaper. Solar panels have long been supported by the solar credits, which help add extra pay-back to the technology aside from reduced utility bills. Now the same benefit will be afforded to owners of solar water heating systems, and it could spark new jobs for solar companies.

“It’s fantastic, ” Dimitris Spiliadis, co-owner of the Black Olive Restaurant and the soon-to-open Inn at the Black Olive hotel, said of the legislation.

Spiliadis recently completed construction of a solar water heating system on the roof the Fells Point hotel, and he said the technology’s efficiency and energy savings rivals that of solar panels. “Recognizing that in Maryland would be something that would put Maryland on the forefront of renewable energy promotion, ” Spiliadis said.

While the details of the legislation haven’t been revealed, the idea behind solar credits is that the owner of a solar system accuries one credit for each megawatt hour of solar power generated. The credits can be sold in a marketplace to utilities or other energy companies that are looking to buy credits if they haven’t generated enough solar power on their own. Prices vary but can reach $300 a piece.

Solar hot water heaters do not use solar panel technology; instead, a system of tubes through a copper plate heat water. There is also an electric-powered backup system for use as needed at night and during winter.

O’Malley said Jan. 12 a bill making solar water heating systems eligible for generating solar renewable energy credits would be part of his legislative agenda. His spokesman Shaun Adamec would not provide any further details but said the bill would likely be unveiled Jan. 24.

A smiliar bill nearly became law in 2010 but fell short in the House of Delegates despite a fervent lobbying effort from members of the industry such as Mike Healy, owner of Skyline Innovations in Washington, D.C., and Rick Peters, president of Solar Energy Services in Millersville. The governor’s backing and the extra time lawmakers have had to study the issue boost the bill’s chances in 2011.

That could mean Maryland will soon a similar flurry of jobs that companies like Skyline have seen in Washington, D.C., where solar water heating projects are already eligible for the credits. The added cash flow from sale of the credits provides an extra incentive and also makes it easier to finance the projects.

Healy said his company has done about 10 jobs in Washington since November 2009 and has another 1- under contract, compared to one completed job in Maryland. A typical job has a crew of four to six and costs anywhere from $8000 to $10,000 for a residential system to 10 times as much for a large apartment building or hotel, Peters said.

Adding the ability to sell credits could expand that audience of customers. For the typical home a solar panel system can cost three to four times more than a solar water heating system.

“We expect it will allow many more folks to participate in renewable energy further down on the income spectrum, ” Peters said.

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SES Project Featured on ABC News Affiliate Channel 8

Crosstown Properties, LLC – Multifamily Solar Water Heating (Completed July 2010) – Washington DC

home painters, interior paintingSES was engaged by a third party solar project developer to install a 32 panel (1280 SF) solar water heating system for an occupied apartment building in Washington D.C. The system included the installation and integration of 1600 gallons of additional solar storage in non-pressurized tanks. The system is designed to offset approximately 70% of the water heating load for this 45 unit apartment building. The solar developer provided all of the capital to install the system at no cost to the building owner. The building owner receives clean energy at a discount to their traditional natural gas, achieving a monthly savings immediately upon commissioning of the system.

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Rep. Frank Kratovil Tours SES Job Site

Kratovil Jobs Tour Makes Stop in Severna Park; Witnesses Solar Energy Cutting Costs, Protecting the Environment, and Creating Jobs

Commercial Solar Service,Commercial Solar EnergyWashington, DC – Today, Rep. Frank Kratovil continued his First District Jobs Tour with a stop in Severna Park, where he visited a work site with the owner of a local solar energy firm that has taken advantage of recent green energy initiatives to grow and hire new workers.

With Congress in recess this week, Rep. Kratovil has been touring communities throughout the First District, meeting with small business owners, visiting manufacturing hubs, and listening to the men and women on the front line of job creation to see firsthand the continuing challenges faced by small business owners and employees in the current economic environment. Kratovil has made job creation a top priority of his first term in Congress, introducing a number of proposals to empower small businesses to create new jobs here in Maryland.

This morning, Kratovil’s Jobs Tour stopped in Severna Park, where Rep. Kratovil joined local entrepreneur Rick Peters at a work site where his company had recently installed solar water heating panels to help homeowners reduce their energy costs. Mr. Peters is President of Solar Energy Services (SES), a small business located in Millersville that has added jobs this year as a result of the Recovery Act, and stands to grow even further if Congress passes energy legislation creating new incentives for renewable energy.

“Renewable energy is one of the most efficient and cost cutting ways to, protect our environment, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and create good jobs in an emerging field,” said Rep. Kratovil. “Instead of constantly focusing on big business and big banks, Congress need to focus on empowering small businesses like SES so that they are able to create more good paying jobs in our communities, and the families that install these new technologies will start to save on their energy bills.”

SES has grown its workforce by 25% this year, after benefitting significantly from stimulus funding that allowed Maryland to continue its solar grant program. SES would be able to expand even further and create additional jobs if the Senate acted to pass the American Clean Energy and Security Act, legislation that Rep. Kratovil backed in the House of Representatives to create new incentives for renewable energy and a more stable market for small businesses that focus on renewable energy solutions.

“Our small business has been able to grow because of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Maryland’s solar grant programs. If Congress passes the energy legislation that Rep. Kratovil backed, we could create even more jobs and help even more citizens and businesses enjoy the benefits of solar energy – whether it’s solar water heating or solar electric. I would like to thank Rep. Kratovil for taking the time to learn about our small business and for his support of common-sense energy proposals that create jobs, save money, and encourage clean, domestic, renewable energy,” said Peters.

Kratovil has made small business job creation a top legislative focus in Washington, introducing a number of proposals to create incentives for entrepreneurs to create or expand small businesses. He authored the Small Business Formation and Job Creation Act, a bill to increase the tax deduction for small business startup expenses from $5,000 to $20,000, which has twice passed the House of Representatives as part of larger small businesses tax packages. Additionally, Kratovil authored the Small Business Property Reimbursement Act, which extended a key tax deduction for small business owners that invest in new equipment for their businesses and was signed into law as a provision in the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act.