Solar Water Heating

Why Solar Water Heating?

If you are 4-person (or more) household, who currently heats their water with electric, propane or oil – this is the system for you; both in terms of usability and cost-effectiveness.  Compared to your current water heating utility costs, this system can pay for itself in 2 – 5 yrs – and is slated to last for at least 20yrs (we know…because we’ve been servicing many of them for close to 30 years!).

Excellent financial incentives (county, state, and federal)

Why can’t I use my solar electric panels for water heating?

You can!  However, many families will get the biggest bang for their solar buck by heating their water with solar thermal panels.  Solar water heating (thermal) panels are entirely different from the solar panels installed to provide your home’s electricity (PV or photovoltaic panels). In fact, they are 3 to 4 times more efficient per square foot than solar PV.  Even if you are the four-person (or more) household we mentioned earlier and are considering Solar Electric (PV),  a Solar Water Heating System may be the first priority in terms of solar efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Many of our customers have both technologies on their homes.

Solar water heating is a mature technology that is used extensively throughout the world. In fact, the modern residential domestic solar water heater was first patented right here in Baltimore, over 100 years ago. In addition to domestic hot water, these systems can be used in a variety of other applications such as hydronic space heating, hot tub, indoor pool, spa, and even for multiple applications tied to one system basically anywhere hot water is needed!

Solar System Service

Unlike solar electric (PV) systems, solar water heating systems require some routine maintenance.  We recommend you schedule a service visit every 5 years to keep the system in tip-top shape so that it continues to offset your costly utility bills.

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“This company has been in business for quite a while and also services existing systems (theirs or others) — they are not one of the ‘born yesterday’ companies that have sprung up when government incentives/rebates started back up. Based on my experience so far I would definitely recommend this company if you are considering a solar water heating system.”

— Angie’s List Reviewer

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